Jerry Zucker Solar Park (North Charleston)

Jerry Zucker 3

SCE&G and TIG Sun Energy unveiled the first utility-scale solar facility under South Carolina’s Distributed Energy Resource Program Act in a ribbon-cutting ceremony January 21, 2016.

The solar PV farm is comprised of Solar FlexRack racking, (2,014) Canadian Solar CS6x-320P modules, and (18) Solectria PVI 28TL inverters.

Gregory Electric Co. Inc and Sunstore Solar teamed up to design, engineer, and install this system.

The Jerry Zucker Solar Farm, named after  the late founder and CEO of The InterTech Group, will generate over 945 megawatt hours of clean energy a year – enough to power 80 homes.

Residential Installation (Johns Island)

2016 Winter - Installation (2)

The array placed on the Savage Residence in early 2016 has quite a unique look!  It consists of fifty-two (52) modules and 52 inverters.  Each of QCells’ 52 Q.PLUS-G4 275W modules are connected to a microinverter.  A mircoinverter converts direct current (DC) generated by a single solar module to alternating current (AC) without the use of the more commonly known string inverters.  Alder Energy chose to use Enphase M-250 microinverters and mounted the array using Unirac Solarmount.

As you can see in the photos, the array was placed on multiple pitches facing southeast and south west which provides an extended production period. Individual microinverters for each panel reduces impacts of shading and allows for multiple smaller subarrays without string length concerns. Being surrounded by marsh on 3 sides meant that wind load considerations were critical.   Attachment spacings and fastener selection were determined by a study performed by a local structural engineer.  This SCE&G customer will take advantage of the 4 cent per kWh Performance Based Incentive making his ROI even better.

 Residential Installation (Florence)

install combo

Sustainable Energy Solutions, LLC recently installed an 18.5 kW(dc) ground-mount solar PV system on a local farm.

The system comprised of seventy-four (74) Hyundai 250W solar panels, three SMA inverters (2) 5kW and (1) 6kW, and Schletter ground-mount racking. This ground-mount installation is unique for the resident will be using the array to power not only his home, but also his swimming pool and farm/orchard operations.

Commercial Installation (Meyer Tool, Greenville)


Meyer Tool recently placed solar panels on their Greenville, SC location with the help of Sunstore Solar.

The system is a 15.7kW, grid tied system that includes forty-eight (48) SunPower 327 Watt PV Modules, one (1) SMA Tripower 15kW Inverter, and is attached to the standing seam roof via a Unirac SolarMount engineered racking system with S-5-K Clamps—so it can be attached without roof penetrations.

Bluffton High School Solar Installation


Bluffton High School was one of the five applicants selected in 2013 for PaCE's Solar Matching Grant Pilot. Their new solar array was completed earlier this month and it exemplifies the goals of PaCE and the SCSC, development and education of renewable energy. Working with the solar professionals at Alder-Energy, they installed a system that includes one hundred (100) 255W Polycrystalline Modules and one SMA 24kW Inverter.

In addition to their energy production, the panels will be used to shade an outdoor patio at the school. Bluffton High students assisted in the design of the array as part of an architecture and engineering class, and students across the district can access a computer system that monitors the energy that's produced.

To read more about this system, click here.

Commercial Installation (Especially Auto)

Especially Auto’s owner Steve Allen wanted a way to hedge utility costs for his business, while having emergency power outlets for his business in case of an outage. Sunstore Solar’s team of experts helped him accomplish this by installing a 15.75kW Solar Grid Tied PV system with (63) Sharp 250w PV modules and (3) SMA 5000w TL inverters with emergency daytime power outlets on a Unirac SolarMount Engineered roof racking system with an SMA Web Box PV production online monitoring system.

Colleton Solar Farm (Walterboro)

The Colleton Solar Farm, the largest facility of its kind in the state, is producing electricity just nine weeks after construction began on the project. Utility and solar industry executives officially dedicated the solar array during a ceremony Friday afternoon in Walterboro.

Santee Cooper selected TIG Sun Energy as the solar farm contractor on October 7, 2013. Construction on the 14-acre site began a week later. The farm officially began producing power on Dec. 20. The solar array consists of 10,010 photovoltaic panels. Some panels are fixed while other panels follow the direction of the sun to maximize the production of solar energy.

Boeing Rooftop Solar Project

SCE&G and Boeing have officially marked the completion of one of the largest single rooftop solar installations in the United States and the largest in the Southeast, by production capacity. The dedication event signaled the start of renewable energy being generated by the 2.6-megawatt D.C. rooftop photovoltaic system, installed by Baker Renewable Energy.  The system is made up of (4) 700W General Electric inverters and over 18,000 thin-film photovoltaic solar laminates that cover 10 acres of the 14-acre Boeing South Carolina 787 Final Assembly building.   Thin-film laminates weigh much less than traditional solar modules and adhere directly to the surface of the roof (via slip sheet).  This style of solar panel is ideal for hurricane prone areas like Charleston as they generate minimal lift under windy conditions.

“This project is a classic example of working with our customers to supply their energy needs, but with a new twist,” said SCANA Chairman and CEO Kevin Marsh. “SCE&G for the first time is supplying a facility with 100 percent green power. I commend Boeing for their commitment to sustainability and for the opportunity they presented us to supply this site with renewable power.”

The 2.6 MW of electrical power generated for the site is enough to power approximately 250 homes. Installation of the photovoltaic panels began May 16, 2011, the same day Boeing teammates began moving into the building. Substantial completion was met October 28, 2011.

Under the arrangement with Boeing, SCE&G will own and maintain the solar generation system and will supplement the solar-generated energy with power from its system resources, coupled with green attributes from its North Charleston biomass generator, to meet all of Boeing’s energy requirements.

Boeing consumes 100% of the clean, renewable power generated on site.

Shealy Solar PV System in Cayce

Shealy's latest energy efforts concentrate on the second largest Solar PV System installation on SCE&G's system. "This system will dramatically reduce the energy bill and showcase the suppliers we sell in our Clean Energy portfolio," says Jim Woods, Director of Clean Energy Programs.

"We estimate that the system will generate 30% of our average electric usage between the three buildings that we have at our Corporate campus, and we plan to take advantage of several incentives that will give us an ROI in year six of the installation."

The incentives that Jim refers to include a 30% Federal Tax Credit, a 25% State Tax Credit equaling to around $3,500 a year, an Accelerated Bonus Depreciation, and funding from Palmetto Clean Energy (PaCE) that is based on the amount of power generated from the system."

Silver Acre Farm

May Jones at Silver Acre Farm in Manning, SC wanted a consistent, environmentally-friendly way to generate the organic produce farm's power needs. Working with the solar professionals at Alder-Energy, they installed a system that includes:

  • Twenty-four (24) Suniva 250 Watt Modules
  • Outback Radian 8kW Inverter
  • Twenty-four (24) Trojan L16 batteries

With its power generation capacity, plus the robust bank of storage batteries, the system powers the farm around the clock 365 days a year. For emergency situations, the farm uses the power grid as a backup.